East Meets West July 18 2015

18 Jul , 2015  


JULY 18, 2015   



WHO:     A gathering of Leaders and “Leaders to Be” from East to West, for a dynamic “visioneering” encounter with the Holy Spirit, to facilitate networking, unity, and cohesiveness, for the Greatest of Awakenings now underway in the Body of Christ.


WHAT: A merge of fire and foundation building, the body of Christ built on the biblical foundation of the prophets resting on Jesus’ greatest commandments Mt 22:37-40, allowing Jesus to stoke the fires of awakening in us, changing our hearts to actively disciple the nation, and visioneering for re-digging the wells. “Believe His prophets, and you shall prosper!!



 Bruce Cook                      Jim Campbell      

Dr. Bruce Cook                                     Jim  Campbell



  Danny Steyne                    Erik Kudlis

 Danny Steyne                                      Dr. Erik Kudlis


 WHAT TO EXPECT:  Revelation to “God’s Big Picture” for His Body and Bride in this day and hour. Learn what is needed to bring your “ministry”, i.e. church, homegroup, etc. into the flow of God’s river. Network with leaders and visionaries. Hear the Word of the Lord!



Jeremy Marion                          Rea Steyne

                       Jeremy Marion                                             Rea Steyne








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At the Jah Jam


Thursday July 23 2015 an Angel Appeared

Angel Appeared July 23 2015



New Haven – May 16 2015

16 May , 2015  

Worship 57

Oasis – JahJam 2015 Weekly Calendar

We are seeing open visions and getting swept up in accelerated movement from His presence.

Worship 60


Turn Up the Lights


We are joining with the angels and saints who worship Jesus Christ in the Kingdom time dimension.

Worship 63




Jesus is coming down from His Holy Mountain surrounded by a cloud of witnesses!

Worship 61


Come Down from Your Mountain


Fresh inter-galactic worship was poured out on Big Bear mountain in Southern California on the same day as the Jah Jam. 

Worship 59

 Dancing in the Atmosphere


April 18 2015

20 Apr , 2015  

Worship 42

Oasis – JahJam 2015 Weekly Calendar


The following word was shared by Marc – MJP Studios after the April 18, 2015 Jah Jam.

We are seeing it come to pass.

One player/ burnout  10/ 2/ 12

Upon this rock I will build my church Matthew 16:18

I saw a picture of a church meeting in our room that we meet in where not only our Pastor John, but all people in his position representing  all pastors, priests and ministers) was up front in the room doing everything in the service, preparing, greeting, worship, giving the sermon, praying, ministering, everything, soup to nuts and the people were like spectators and fans at a football game watching and receiving, passively being entertained. I saw all the folks sitting in their seats but they all looked like and dressed like they were tailgating at football game, some brought pillows and more comfortable chairs to sit in, some had themselves wrapped in a blanket with the churches logo, many had on their churches jersey and hats. Next to their seats were coolers with drinks, food and snacks, even barbecue grills. Some had radios to hear better, others had little TVs and Smartphone’s to watch the action closer. It was the essence of a full blown spectator’s sports event. The church was tailgating!

The pastor was dressed as a football player in full gear and helmet calling out all the plays and carrying out the plays all by himself as everyone watched. He then gave his sermon, prayed and made prayer ministry available to anyone who needed it, running from one person to the next, he prayed for those who asked for it, then He closed with a song and ending with a word of encouragement and blessing and then collapsed. Many people didn’t notice that he collapsed. A few did and helped him up and walked him over to a bench.

I saw the sweaty pastor sitting all alone, resting on a bench next to a fan blowing cool air on his exhausted body and with his helmet off he was wiping his head with a towel and drinking gator-aid. I saw on his shoulders two candle wicks, burned out, with a very small spark barely visible, but still smoking, very close to dying out completely.

Then I saw all the people still sitting in their chairs, spilled cups on the floor, empty bags of chips and popcorn. The people were not moving, some were sleeping and totally drained and weak, drying up, literally shrinking in size, losing weight, fragile, unable to get out of their chairs. I saw the pastor sitting on a bench catching his breath, while looking at his play book. He bends down on one knee, turns his eyes upward to heaven and says, Lord I thank you for all Your help and thank you for Your approval, I’m doing my best to build Your Church!”  Exhausted, he looks forward to going home to rest.

Suddenly all the seats were empty, and everyone was up in the front of the room as though they were at a party, a party honoring Jesus, They were laughing, talking with one another, praying for one another, some were singing and playing songs to the lord, others were sharing the scriptures with one another, some teaching, some were listening to others unload their problems, crying with one another, laughing with one another, feeding each other, some were sharing financially and physically helping others that had need, loving each other, some were encouraging, comforting and prophesying to one another. People were rising up without anyone telling them to. The Pastor was sitting all alone amongst all the empty seats observing all that was going on, as he was blown away and in awe, and as he observed he was resting, being encouraged and built up. He was elated, ecstatic at what he was beholding, he began to cry tears of joy and thankfulness, he then got up and walked into the crowd of people, joining himself to them, becoming one with them, equal, one part of the whole, encouraging them, blessing them, pointing out the way the Lord was using each one of them so differently, so uniquely, prophesying over them, exhorting and cheering them on in their unique callings. There was a lot of activity and not a single person was uninvolved. No more positions only the unique function of every believer. The calling and function of every member over shadowed any man made, hierarchal positions. The true church is made up of living stones.

At that point there wasn’t a chair in the room, they weren’t needed any longer.                                            

I will build my Church! Matthew 16:18.


I believe this is a picture of the Lord building His Church by working through and expressing Himself though each and every functioning member, causing it (the body, the church) to build itself up in love.

Without a revelation of Jesus Christ, the good news, specifically the revelation of the Mystery of gospel, which is “Christ in you” the church, cannot be built. The Mystery is three fold: 1) Christ Himself, the life, 2) Christ the life, in you, 3) Christ the life, living though His body.

Jesus Christ must be the foundation. If there isn’t a revelation of indwelling Christ living in and through the believer as a functioning member of His body, then the Church will be stagnant and it will look to, depend on, and trust in another, something or someone, a person, a human being, a mediator. They will look to someone else that represents Christ to them and for that person to build the Lords church for them and minister to thee needs  In our present day system of Church that would be the clergy, the minister, the pastor or priest.

How is Christ building His Church?  Holding to the head, speaking, living the truth in love, that we may grow up into Him in all things, who is the Head, Christ.  

Ephesians 4:16…from whom the whole body, being fitted and held together by that which every joint supplies, according to the proper working of each individual part, causes the growth of the body for the building up of itself in love as each part does its work.  Emphasis mine

“There is no status in the body of Christ, no positions, only function. Is our church and Audience or an Army? “ Graham Cook


Plainville CT – March 2015

26 Mar , 2015  

Worship 60

IMG_0046IMG_0053 IMG_0045
Expressions from the March 21 2015 Jam:



I will Sing

You Reign

We will Ride

Your Kingdom Come


Watch Susan O’Marra, Pat O’Marra, Timothy Snodgrass at Salvation of God Church on March 22 2015


The main focus of our JahJam gatherings is to come empty without any plans or agenda, and to receive and release direction from Holy Spirit in spontaneous song and artistic expression.

We love to go out and plug into other synergistic ministries that share a vision and a passion for the unity and restoration of the Bride of Jesus Christ.


We also love to expound on what Holy Spirit is saying to worshippers on the JahJam website.

We encourage you to edify the bride by submitting a summary on any subject you feel led in a Word doc file plus send any links, and we can publish this on the JahJam website.


What do I do with the Thanksgiving Blues or (432hz exposed)

29 Nov , 2014  

2014-07-26 16.27.28

“I’m so doggone tired…” Lloyd Sexton sang the blues last night at the soup kitchen.

So is all the buzz about 432 hz truth or fiction?

A few trustworthy worship leaders (Quigley James, Danny Steyne, and Don Potter) recently mentioned the benefits of tuning instruments to 432hz.  I must admit that it took me a little while to react to the information due to the inertia of my old 440hz rock wineskin, but I did some further research and discovered a perspective that challenged me into action. History of 432hz..


“What do I do with this stuff” I asked the Lord.  So I pushed a button on the back of my Snark and tuned my Martin D35 to 432hz.  Talk about instant gratification, I loved the difference hearing myself sing one of my worship favs – “I Could Sing of Your Love Forever”.

After prayer and discussions with  trusted friends, who I can always count on for an honest reaction, we tuned to 432 hz at the November 22 Jah Jam.  Our worship took the bride to a deeper place of unity than ever before and Holy Spirit poured out new and fresh wine.

Guess you can say that I just can’t get enough, because we tuned to 432hz at Grace Lutheran last night in a three piece café style and blues  (Acoustic guitar, resonator and bass).  We were ever so sweetly broken especially when Lloyd sang the blues and we played “Fraction Anthem” during communion and prayer.

Now maybe all of  this sounds great like we found a great new toy.  But some of us experienced deliverance from the Thanksgiving holiday blues (some of you know – the kind that drives you into a deep depression until after New Years).  When I awoke this morning, I was alive and filled with the joy from Holy Spirit.  I honestly could not remember a time when I had felt so much joy and peace at this time of year.

So for anyone who wants to test out these declarations of God’s great natural order, I am including a list of the chords that, when tuned to 432hz, claim to produce dramatic results.  Why not find out for yourself?


Frequency Tuning for Deliverance

A = 432 Hz – Tuning for harmony with all the cycles of the Earth and life.

174 Hz = F3          The lowest of the tones appears to be a natural anaesthetic.  It tends to remove pain physically and energetically.  Gives your organs a sense of security

285 Hz = C#4       This tone is useful when treating wounds, cuts, burns or any other form of damaged tissue. This frequency helps returning tissue into its original form

396 Hz = G4       Liberating from emotional patterns like guilt and fear

417 Hz =G#4 use Absus4      Undoing situations and facilitating change, breaks up crystallized emotional patterns, frozen (Can’t get out)
This chord is the same as Absus4

528 Hz = C5         Transformation and miracles -heals cancer (gets DNA in order)

639 Hz = D#5       Connecting good relationships

741 Hz = F#5        Awakening in the Spirit (Intuition)

852 Hz = G#5       Unconditional love in balance

963 Hz = B5          This tone awakens any system to align with its original, perfect state of creation.






Feast of Love under an Open Heaven – August 2014

29 Aug , 2014  


There are no adequate words to contain what is happening in our region – right now. I can try by saying that the dead are being raised and the sick are being healed and the lost are returning to the Father’s open arms. New and fresh worship flavors the atmosphere in this gathering. Click here to view the dance of The Swan  (video may take a few moments to download)   In truth the increase in faith and love simply can’t be contained. The bride is being restored in front of our very eyes without regard to denominations or movements or theologies.   _DSC0073   _DSC0074 _DSC0075 _DSC0068 Dance with all your heart _DSC0065   As we see our friends getting blasted by the enemy – it means we are obeying the Father’s will and that we need to be prepared for the trials with a grateful heart. We are praying for intercessory prayer warriors who will take this fight into the streets with us and we each need to step up to the plate when it comes to praying for each other. While the battle belongs to the Lord, our strategy is to simply love on people, showing and sharing God’s love and be a strong witness as faith increases. As the Lord’s strategy unfolds, the enemy loses its grip on individual hearts, communities, towns, regions, and nations as they turn to Jesus.


Grace Lutheran – Hartford CT July 2014

3 Aug , 2014   Gallery

“Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.  The second is this: ‘Love you neighbor as yourself..’”

Mark 12:30-31

“The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because He has anointed me to preach good news to the poor.  He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to release the oppressed, to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor.”  Luke 4:18


Our hearts are glad and grateful to Pastor Rick Kremer and to the staff at Grace Lutheran church in Hartford CT for allowing us to worship the Lord our God in spirit and in truth as we labor in the Kingdom work together reaping the harvest.




House of Refuge – Plymouth CT July 2014

3 Aug , 2014   Gallery


Why Jah Jam?

1 Aug , 2014  

Interesting that we call it “Jah” jam

as Jah is Yahweh (Jehovah ) is deep relationship with His children.

It is only used 49 times in the Hebrew text. That’s 7 x 7.

It is only used twice in Exodus and 4 times in Isaiah.

All the other times it is in the Psalms.

The middle book of the the Bible, psalm 118 contains almost 20% of the uses.

This psalm deals with messianic prophecies and Jah in regard to whom He has become their salvation.

This shows the love He has for them.

That’s why He comes to meet with us as we praise Him.

Just a couple thoughts.