Open Door 6


Jah Jam – January 30 2016

31 Jan , 2016  

3 Perspectives


“As I sit and ponder on what we experience in JahJam It is a effort of bringing parts together as one voice. The  Prophetic needs to be heard in the mist of the music. I see a great change in the JahJam and see that we lean on the spirit to direct the outcome of the message that come forth in song. The word that  the Lord gave me is. Step out  in praise with a unified Voice . I know that this is what the Lord wants us to achieve in JahJam.”



“So this is what I saw

we were stacked in a door jam,  the room outlined a perfect rectangle, you and i sat at the base.   We are the door posts, formed by unity in worship and readiness to respond to the Lord

There is a relationship to the door and its frame

1 kings 6:31 All doors and post were Square

The doors function is as good as its  alignment and condition of its frame and hinges


There are so many references to the door and its post.

Is 6:4  it was the foundations of the Thresholds that shook before the house fell.

The blood was applied to the door post, a visible sign of faithfulness.

The prison doors flung open as they sang praising God by an earthquake that shook the Door Jams.


Jesus is the door He controls the opening and closing, yet He entrusts us to take part in His work.”

Like you said to me “Expect, that’s the state he loves to see in us “




“Reflecting on how awesome last night was.     The first songs brought us to the ‘Gate’ … and then his fingers started dancing on his guitar….. which was putting his hand on the handle of the gate and unlatched to ‘open’….where we can then push through and enter into His Majestic presence… and celebrate, worshiping YHWH — and many cultures were represented in the wonder of His Majesty.  I don’t feel there was ever a ‘disconnect’ or lack of unity … but rather …all together individually together in unison worshiping and celebrating…. and we all landed in a nice place of continued  worship of YHWH in uniform.  It was all glorious.   The atmosphere of His Glory remained….and then, you caught the heart of the Father…and sang His love songs to us.

I felt like I was curled up on His lap….with my head on His chest listening to His heart beat; feeling His breath, hearing His voice…with His Word wrapped all around us.    As a ‘daddy’s little’ girl…. this is my most special place.

and the Glory still remains on us…as we come back thru the gate…and bringing some of heaven with us.

Wrapped in the Father’s Love”




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