Jah Jam – February 24, 2018

26 Jan , 2018  

musical worship

Holy Spirit is revealing the Father’s plans and strategies in dreams and visions, new wineskins poured out as never before experienced sounds, frequencies, colors and words.

Come and share the Father’s heart beat and sing or paint or play on your instrument what He is revealing to you – to all of us – as He weaves a tapestry of worship – spun together with us – His Bride.


Location:  Joseph’s House,  116 Water St, Torrington, CT 06790Time: 7 Pm


Bring warm dishes, salads, desserts, water, tea coffee for our fellowship meal.


Love and blessings to all in the name of Yeshua,


Jah Jam – January 19 2018

26 Dec , 2017  

Dream Sword Decenber 2017

UPDATE:  Holy Spirit revealed the meaning of the sword and the spider as a warning that a spirit of deceit was hiding behind a mask of righteousness.  In our case, a fraudulent scam was exposed where a man was posing as a devout christian and using children to get money from people through Jah Jam.  God gave revelation to people within the Jah Jam to see through the scam and quickly exposed the enemy posing as truth and justice and compassion.

We ask God for better discernment to listen to everyone’s voice in and out of the Jah Jam gatherings.

We ask God to follow up right away when we have even slight misgivings or doubts about something. 

We ask God for the perfect love that casts out fear when we deal with an issue.


Location:  The Well, 1 Northwest Drive, Plainville CT 06062

Time: 7 Pm



Prequel to a Jah Jam February 18 2017

18 Feb , 2017  

Last night’s fire inside me and the violent beating of my heart made me wonder.  I was in shock and awe, yet my blood pressure was unusually normal while I was calmly exploding.  I discovered I was pregnant with the fresh Word of the Lord.  What a ride the entire night as I pursued Jesus and Papa spoke into my spirit with groans too deep for human language from the Holy Spirit.

Then all of a sudden I began to hear his voice so clear and understandable.  I went into my secret place and wrote down all that I heard as the fire continued  to rage inside me and the beating of my heart made a great drum solo until the first light of day.  I measured and considered every single word that Papa spoke and now I want to share it with all of you, my family, friends and fellow worshippers in Christ Jesus.


At this very moment God is  releasing holy fire, the repentance fire, the purifying fire, the refiners fire of his great love into the earth.

God is releasing his kingdom in the earth causing a tremendous shaking and overthrow of the earthly kingdoms.

We are witnessing unprecedented manifestations of God’s presence; of the King of all creation in all of his glory in the earth; the super storm of the Holy Spirit going where ever he wills in the earth and empowering his saints and martyrs; with clarity never before seen on this earth; never beheld by men.

God is releasing a great cloud of witnesses into our region, led by the spirit of Jonah and the angel Gabriel.  There have been multiple encounters including visions and reports of physical manifestations of  this particular prophet and the angel Gabriel.  I encountered them in an open vision coming to Hartford over the last couple of years and heard other first hand encounters from reliable witnesses who also saw the spirits of Jonah and John Wimber .

God is breathing on the earth; sending overpowering shock waves and massive surges and huge ripples of his love throughout the atmosphere.

God is surpassing all that has gone before;  completing his purposes of creating man; fulfilling his pure obsession with our redemption.

God is releasing his glory in the earth in new manifestations while never repeating them.

  • Calling forth his children in spirit and truth who will sacrifice all just to worship him on the mountain of the Lord
  • Visions and reports of  gold growing from our hands and precious jewels lying at our feet to show us his glory while we keep our eyes fixed only on Jesus Christ
  • Restringing our hearts like harps with newly created golden strings to produce the newly created songs and sounds from his throne
  • Increasing our skills beyond all known earthly limitations to release his breath on the earth
  • Opening the deepest points within our hearts to access his heart and hear the living sounds of heaven

I saw a vision of the Lord our God forming his worshippers and painting us with destiny.

I heard him say to all of us:

  • You carry the raging fire and eternal flame of his great love to the nations
  • You carry the river of life flowing with the wealth of God’s precious love that flows from your belly and never runs dry
  • You are the portals between heaven and earth that connect God and men for covenant, salvation, deliverance and healing
  • You are always in travail, ever pregnant with God’s word, always giving birth
  • You carry the sounds and frequencies from the far reaches of the universe – love’s eternal and universal language
  • You see inside the winding upward vortex of unending worship and praise of the saints and angels leading at the very throne of God
  • You hear God’s voice and you obey him without hesitation
  • You are completely abandoned to the things of this earth and totally given to Jesus Christ
  • Your music is raw and organic and brings correction and healing to the body of Christ
  • Your music lavishes pure love between Jesus and his bride


After encountering all of this I was reminded to keep our eyes only on Jesus. Jesus is the author and finisher of our faith.

Yours in the name of Yeshua, the Christ Jesus,

Joel Robinett


Jah Jam September 23 & 24

29 Nov , 2016  

Prodigal Masks




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Jah Jam – June 25 2016

26 Jun , 2016  


Three marriages rock steady after more than 40 years – praise Jesus!!!

Experiencing family in the Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.

Jesus, come in and have your way.


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Jah Jam – January 30 2016

31 Jan , 2016  

Open Door 6

3 Perspectives


“As I sit and ponder on what we experience in JahJam It is a effort of bringing parts together as one voice. The  Prophetic needs to be heard in the mist of the music. I see a great change in the JahJam and see that we lean on the spirit to direct the outcome of the message that come forth in song. The word that  the Lord gave me is. Step out  in praise with a unified Voice . I know that this is what the Lord wants us to achieve in JahJam.”



“So this is what I saw

we were stacked in a door jam,  the room outlined a perfect rectangle, you and i sat at the base.   We are the door posts, formed by unity in worship and readiness to respond to the Lord

There is a relationship to the door and its frame

1 kings 6:31 All doors and post were Square

The doors function is as good as its  alignment and condition of its frame and hinges


There are so many references to the door and its post.

Is 6:4  it was the foundations of the Thresholds that shook before the house fell.

The blood was applied to the door post, a visible sign of faithfulness.

The prison doors flung open as they sang praising God by an earthquake that shook the Door Jams.


Jesus is the door He controls the opening and closing, yet He entrusts us to take part in His work.”

Like you said to me “Expect, that’s the state he loves to see in us “




“Reflecting on how awesome last night was.     The first songs brought us to the ‘Gate’ … and then his fingers started dancing on his guitar….. which was putting his hand on the handle of the gate and unlatched to ‘open’….where we can then push through and enter into His Majestic presence… and celebrate, worshiping YHWH — and many cultures were represented in the wonder of His Majesty.  I don’t feel there was ever a ‘disconnect’ or lack of unity … but rather …all together individually together in unison worshiping and celebrating…. and we all landed in a nice place of continued  worship of YHWH in uniform.  It was all glorious.   The atmosphere of His Glory remained….and then, you caught the heart of the Father…and sang His love songs to us.

I felt like I was curled up on His lap….with my head on His chest listening to His heart beat; feeling His breath, hearing His voice…with His Word wrapped all around us.    As a ‘daddy’s little’ girl…. this is my most special place.

and the Glory still remains on us…as we come back thru the gate…and bringing some of heaven with us.

Wrapped in the Father’s Love”





Jah Jam November 21, 2015

11 Nov , 2015  

Lightning Bolts and Fresh Fire Small

The spiritual forecast is expecting the Kingdom explosion, lightning bolts and fresh fire to continue as it did last night.

Lightning in the Sky


These words were spoken at last night’s Merge.

I am paraphrasing, but I trust that my memory serves the Lord’s purposes.


New portals from third heaven are open and fresh streams of living water are now pouring in from new dimensions.

Look and listen now for Papa’s direction and hear His voice from your spirit.

But not from your old ways of finding and experiencing God.

Lay down your five senses and inhale the fresh wind.

Holy Spirit invites us to pursue Jesus at all costs every moment of every day.

I am personally challenged by these words, because I was comfortable ministering from a place of what had taken place before (a certainty) instead of what lies ahead (the unknown).  In my transition I have faced the unknown and pursued Jesus at all costs, but honestly not every time.  Yet I look ahead to running in faith to the place where my spirit hears God’s voice in the hush of the still wind and my mind and flesh are in quiet submission.  I seek ministry unto the Lord and to others by not remaining in anything that has gone before, but awakening to the certainty of life in the place of greater faith.


And since last night I feel like a tree.

Lightning Bolts and Fresh Fire Small

Jah Jam is gathering on Saturday November 21, 2015 starting at 4pm.

New Haven Vineyard Christian Fellowship

870 1st Ave, West Haven, CT 06516


Oh Jesus, now come in, and overwhelm us with your presence!



Papa Joel


Russian translation (please pardon my Google).

Духовный прогноз ожидает царство взрыв, молнии и свежие огонь, чтобы продолжить, как это было прошлой ночью.

Lightning in the Sky


Эти слова были сказаны в Merge прошлой ночью.

Я перефразирую, но я верю, что моя память служит целям Господа.


Новые порталы из третьего неба открытые и свежие потоки воды живой теперь заливки в с новыми реалиями.


Смотрите и слушайте теперь направлении папы и слышать Его голос вашего духа.

Но не от ваших старых способов поиска и испытывают Бога.

Сложите пять чувств и вдыхать свежий ветер.


Святой Дух призывает нас следовать за Иисусом на всех расходов каждый момент каждого дня.


.Я лично бросил вызов этими словами, потому что мне было комфортно служение с места, что произошло раньше (уверенность), а то, что лежит впереди (неизвестный). В моем переходе я столкнулся неизвестный и пошел за Иисусом на всех расходов, но, честно говоря, не каждый раз. Тем не менее, я смотрю вперед, чтобы работать в вере в то место, где мой дух слышит голос Божий в тишине неподвижного ветра и мой ум и плоть находятся в тихом представления. Я ищу служение Господу и другим, не оставаясь в то, что было раньше, но пробуждаются к уверенности в жизни в месте большей вере.


А так как прошлой ночью я чувствую, что этого дерева.

Lightning Bolts and Fresh Fire Small


Джа Джем встречает в субботу 21 ноября 2015 года, начиная с 4 вечера.

New Haven Vineyard Christian Fellowship

870 1st Ave, West Haven, CT 06516


Иисус, теперь приходят и сокрушить нас своим присутствием!


С уважением,

Папа Джоэл






Jah Jam September 26, 2015

13 Sep , 2015  


Gathering of family and friends under an open heaven.




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